Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Animals that Serve and Animals that Save

Few people realize that exotic animals can help people with disabilities lead a happier and richer life; allowing them independence they would not have had without these service exotic animals. Miniature horses, monkeys to ferrets, allow the dignity these folks ought to have. This will be a two part series animals that serve and animals that save! For the New Years I felt it was time to say thank you to these incredible animals that serve and save! You can thank animals too, by reading the article, at the end of the article is a "like" "Share" and comment button. Give your thanks by passing this far and wide. Animals that Serve and Animals that Save

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ferrets - A Complete Guide Paperback and Kindle

Outstanding new book on ferrets, very comprehensive and a joy to read. The book is available in paperback and Kindle. I think you will enjoy this book because it meets the needs of all ferret owners. Ferrets - A Complete Guide Paperback and Kindle

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Embracing Abandoned Animals – Pet Adoption

Do hearts soften during the holidays. Here is a story will worth reading. All we need is love :)

Have you ever adopted a pet?

Embracing Abandoned Animals – Pet Adoption

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pet Sugar Gliders

I think you will this story about sugar gliders. They are just plain syrupy sweet! How do you care for a sugar glider? Where did they get their name? Sugar Gliders

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Corn Snakes as Pets

The corn snake as a pet. Pictures of brand new baby corn snakes with care article. Read about pet corn snakes and how to care for them

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Prayer for Pets

I wrote the Christmas Prayer for Pets because of the agony I feel from abandoned and abused pets every day. It breaks my heart. As the holidays approach I continue to do what I can for animals but I also wonder what I can do to change the cruel humans that make these animals suffer.

Read Christmas Prayer for Pets

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Animals as Gifts - Why Not?

It you follow the correct procedures I don’t see a thing wrong with animals as gifts. Some will say an animal should never be given as a present. What would make a mature child happier than a pet for Christmas? Read the article, you'll love it.

Animals as Gifts - Why Not?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Exotic Pets - Mother Earth - Be Proactive!

We are losing the right to own exotic pets. We have caused some of the problems ourselves. What can we do? Be responsible be proactive! Exotic Pets - Mother Earth - Be Proactive!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Scorpions as Pets

Have you had scorpion encounters of any kind? Have you had an exotic pet scorpions. Lots of people have arachnids as exotic pets! At Exotic Pets BellaOnine you will find lots of arachnids!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Winter Blizzards - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Are you prepared to protect your pets from the cold? Do you understand carbon monoxide poisoning; it can kill animals, as well as humans, a silent but deadly killer. Winter Blizzards - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Diana Geiger Exotic Pets BellaOnline Editor on

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birds of Prey – Falconry

The ancient art of falconry is far from a lost skill, alive and well in the US, and around much of the world. The proficiency takes a lot of dedication. In this world of instant gratification, cell phones, and computers, I hope it doesn’t become a lost art. I have gained a tremendous amount of esteem for falconers and hawkers, in addition to the respect they have for a wild bird and the incredible relationship that develops. Not the warm fuzzy relationship we have with many exotic pets but the working relationship that falconers and hawkers experience. Read the article...

Birds of Prey – Falconry

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Small Spotted Genet - Common Genet as Pets

The Small Spotted Genet or the Common Genet is a popular exotic pet. They have many characteristics with the common house cat or the civet. They sport a spotted body and a ringed tail. They are agile, great climbers, highly intelligent, and curious. They are able to stand on their two front legs… Learn about one of the most agile and clever animals on earth.

Small Spotted Genet - Common Genet as Pets

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween – Exotic Pets Not Invited

Many dangers, even hidden dangers, come along with the territory of Halloween, Halloween parties, Halloween costumes, and the whole Halloween experience. Nibbling on electrical wires could bring on a horrible holiday disaster. There are candles that can burn curious noses, paws, burn a tail or candles knocked over by a tail. An exotic pet could start a horrific fire that could kill. There are strings that can strangulate or materials that are flammable, poisonous substances, cool glittery things that could cause an animal to choke, cause intestinal blockages, or a material that could be toxic. Noises can scare your pet into fright and flight. Unless it is a small family get- to- gather Exotic Pets not invited! Read the article Halloween – Exotic Pets Not Invited

Friday, October 14, 2011

FERRETS: A COMPLETE GUIDE - On Sale for the Holidays!

FERRETS: A COMPLETE GUIDE On sale for the holidays - price dropped from $3.99 to only 2.50! Jammed pack full of useful information to help you properly care for a pet ferret. A lots of pets, especially exotic pets are given as gifts. Don't forget to give the much needed information to care for the pet too!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

China – Dye your Pet to Look like a Wild Animal

Dye your animal to look like wild animals. The latest craze or fad in China is to dye your dog to look like a Panda bear, a tiger, or a peacock. Is having a rendition of an exotic pet merit the animal’s discomfort and diminishing their dignity? Check out the dyed animal pictures.

Read the article, also pictures!

China – Dye your Pet to Look like a Wild Animal

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Exotic Pets - What are they?

Exactly what is an exotic pet? In my opinion it is a pet that is not a dog or cat; though some dogs and cats are exotic pets. So that leaves a wide range of animals that can be exotic pets. Some say birds are not exotic pets but I consider the beautiful Hyacinth Macaw an exotic pet. How about fish, are they an exotic pet?

So what is an exotic pet? Some use the terms non-traditional or unusual. The Department of Wildlife often uses the term wild even for the ferret that has been a domesticated pet for thousands of years. I honestly don’t consider the ferret an exotic pet; it is the third most popular pet next to the dog and cat. However, I love the ferret and it does fall under my category at BellaOnline as an exotic pet.

Exotic Pets - What are they?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pet names - Tagging your Pet

Sometime we sit stumped trying to think of a name for our exotic pets or, for that matter, any pet. Naming a pet isn’t always as straight forward as it seems. Let’s learn a bit about pet names, the most appropriate pet names for exotic pets, but also dog names, bird names, and cats. In addition, how they got those pet names.

As you sit there perplexed, looking at your new pet, consider what you want the pet name to depict.

Pet names - Tagging your Pet

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to make Halloween Costumes for Pets

Making costumes for your pets can be simple, and inexpensive, if not free. Everyone has old clothing or clothing we don’t wear or need, taking up space, that could be used for other things. That size six wardrobe put away 15-years ago in all likelihood will never see the light of day again. We also have a whole lot of stuff in our junk drawers that could easily be used to decorate costumes. With a little imagination and improvising skills this could result in some mighty cute costumes.

Read the full article!

How to make Halloween Costumes for Pets

Friday, September 16, 2011

How do we Learn to Value Life

How do we learn morals, how do we learn to value life and to respect all life? Why do some children learn to value life and others don’t? A tribute all parents who set a moral standard.

I had witnessed many atrocities over the years. During the year we lived in Oklahoma, we went on a drive in the countryside; one of many. On this particular ride we witnessed a pickup truck deliberately swing to the other lane to run over a beautiful painted turtle. We could hear the teenagers laugh as they roared off into the distance. Would there be less bullying?

Read the full article...

How do we Learn to Value Life

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hamster - House, Feed, and Care

Hamsters can be excellent pets. My family and I have had many happy experiences with the exotic pet hamster.

How to feed, house, and care for the hamster.

Hamsters should be purchased between the ages of four and seven weeks of age. When the hamster is purchased young they are easier to tame and handle. Young children should be supervised 100% of the time when handling the hamster. The hamster could become afraid and bite the child or the child could accidentally drop the hamster injuring it. Hamsters are more inclined to bite than rats.

Hamster - House, Feed, and Care

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Exotic Pet Laws

I grow more concerned about the trend of the changes in exotic pet laws. I think you should too. These laws are taking yet more rights away from the citizen. It is usually the same people that call for less government. They create more. I am not referring to either political party as I belong to none. In all consciousness I cannot stand behind or proudly say I am a…..! Just fill in the blank, republican, democrat, etcetera. The current political parties dishonor our nation. They do not represent the people of the United States of America, they stand for the companies that seem to be running the country, and they stand for their own political agenda. They stand for reelections, for themselves or for their party. How can they possibly be fair about laws concerning exotic pets? Now that is off my chest I’ll continue. Yes, the Department of Wildlife or Department of Fish and Game, has a great deal to do with exotic pet laws, but don’t think for a minute they are not as corrupt as our other representatives are. They or fairly, many of them also seem to have a bug up their not so sunny place machismo (as far as I am concerned the female gender can have this affliction too.) An exotic pet does not necessarily equal a dangerous pet. What? If it were true we’d see these headlines! Stay tuned for the attack of the dwarf hamster! Mini lop rabbit wipes out apartment complex. Corn snake goes berserk hissing owner to…death by tickle? I don’t like making light of a serious matter, however some of the new rulings include non-dangerous animals. Our laws never made it out of the archaic epoch to allow ferrets in the state of California. Read the full article! Exotic Pet Laws

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pet Rock - Care Guide

Pet rocks were once a trendy pet, if your friend had one you had to have one too! Exotic pets seem to go in and out of style; evidently pet rocks are becoming popular again as people go retro. Pet rocks are popular exotic pets!

Hopefully people have learned their lesson. After the rocks were fashionable, the thrill was gone, pet rocks were released into the wild causing a serious overpopulation problem. When freed in a non-native habitat they can cause grave problems. They have been known to bite people’s toes when they least expect it. Read the entire article!

Pet Rock - Care Guide

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Exotic Pets Found in Dumpsters Still in Cages

A hedgehog found in a dumpster; cage and all. A rabbit tied to a tree, the skin had grown over its collar. How many thousands of innocents must suffer? Animals left starving, no food, no water, still stuck in their cages; abandoned when their people moved out. What would you do to stop it? You talk the talk, will you walk the walk?

I think about the song, the Eyes of an Angel when I think of Beth Randall. All the innocents that have been neglected, abused, and abandoned; the innocents Beth has saved. These animals would have suffered and died. Instead they found sanctuary with Beth. Read the full article.

Exotic Pets Found in Dumpsters Still in Cages

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ferrets: A Complete Guide - My 1St. EBook

Ferrets: A Complete Guide is the first EBook I have written, and is for novice ferret owners, experienced ferret owners, and people that are considering a ferret for the first time. Great as a reference guide or a standalone care book for ferrets. Having read almost every ferret book, I know what is missing! Ferrets: A Complete Guide

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hermit Crabs - For Sale

If you see hermit crabs for sale or other exotic pets for sale at a local county fair or state fair make sure you are prepared to bring these delicate animals home. Do you know how to care for a hermit crab? Read the articles on caring for pet Hermit crabs! Hermit Crabs For Sale

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ferrets, Skunks, Raccoons and Bears – My Interests

From exotic pets to wildlife rehabilitation. What life experiences makes us the people we are today?

My interest in exotic pets began to include wildlife rehabilitation when I moved to Northern Minnesota. The first full day in my new home a Bald Eagle flew over my home and landed in a White Pine tree right next to the house. I saw it as a premonition.

Our first walk in the woods, miles from other humans, my children and I caught sight of a bear and her cubs.

This article will begin to share a vast array of experiences in my lifetime with exotic pets and wild animals. This will not be the complete story by a long shot but I thought it would be enjoyable occasionally to share some of the highlights of my life. Read the article at

Ferrets, Skunks, Raccoons and Bears – My Interests

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tea Cup Pigs - Teacup Pigs

What is a teacup pig or tea cup pig (both terms are used)? How much to the tea cup pigs cost? Where do you find teacup pigs for sale? Where do you find tea cup pig breeders? What to mini pigs eat? How did they develop a mini pig? Do they make good pets? How to care for a tea cup pig! Pocket pigs!

Tea Cup Pigs Teacup Pigs! New article and pictures of the darling little piglets! Yes, there truly is a teacup pig. Is there a pocket pig, depends on how big your pockets are. Seriously, I know you will find this article very enlightening! Pigs, because of their affection and intelligence are super animals and pets. The industry called for a smaller version.

Learn about mini pigs, micro mini pigs, or even call pocket pigs by reading the article Tea Cup Pigs - Teacup Pigs.

Tea Cup Pigs - Teacup Pigs

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saving Pet's Lives - CPR - First Aid

I have provided several learning or educational videos so that you can learn to save your pet from heat stroke, find the pulse on your pet, learn how to perform CPR on animals, learn pet first aid skills, learn how to induce vomiting, and what to do if your pet is choking. At any given moment tragedy can strike. Saving Pet’s Lives - CPR – First Aid

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Latest in Popular Pets - Skunks

The Latest in Popular Pets - Skunks

What is the latest in popular pets? Pet skunks or the striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis). They are raised domestically, have their stinkers removed and they can be potty trained. They have pleasant personalities, they are quiet; as in they don’t bark at the neighbors. They are cuddly and soft. Baby skunks are adorable!

But, with all exotic pets they have a downside and you need to be aware of potential problems as with any exotic pet. They may or may not come when called. They may or may not want to be cuddled. They may or may not walk on a leash. The skunk can be destructive, in terms of scratching the carpet, bed, sofa, or other possessions you may not want destroyed. They may or may not become house trained.

Read the article here! Lots more on the pet skunk!
The Latest in Popular Pets - Skunks

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Embracing Abandoned Animals – Pet Adoption

I often found abandoned animals just dumped on the side of the road. Once we found two golden retriever pups. They had been tossed in the road, one was still inside a paper bag, and he had been run over and killed. Another pup came running out from the weeds that were next to the road. Read the rest of this article Embracing Abandoned Animals – Pet Adoption

One ferrret is looking into my eyes. This animal has known love. He is playful, trying to egg me on to play with him. It is obvious he had a family. He is bald with a few wisps of hair. Read the rest of the story...

Embracing Abandoned Animals – Pet Adoption

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Save Homeless Companion Birds

Birds bring us joy in our daily lives. In the morning as we start the new day, we may hear the wild birds sing the sun up. If you have companion birds to brighten your life, their songs and playful antics are always good for a smile. As they swing on toys or fly screeching across the room, these birds delight the senses. The birds bring liveliness to our daily lives, while we give them caring and stability in their living conditions. What happens to birds that lose this security?

Read the entire article Save Homeless Companion Birds
Homeless Companion Birds

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Expand our animal shelter for MO & KS homeless pet birds & parrots - Pepsi Refresh Project :

Have you ever known that you need to do something, but just can't get organized to do it? Last month our avian vet's bird rescue, Burge Bird Rescue, competed in a contest to win money to expand her bird rescue service. I am sad to say that I couldn't get it together to vote. She lost by a few votes. This made me see that I needed to be more organized this month, so that I could help. I am asking you to help, too! Here is some background and the information on how to help.

Our avian vet, Dr. Julie Burge, has a bird rescue that is terribly underfunded. It mainly runs on love, a donation jar at the counter, and money from bird related items that she sells on E-Bay. We save our feathers for her. She packages them and sells them to hobbyists on E-Bay. Right now, she is involved in a Pepsi challenge to win $25,000 to expand the Burge Bird Rescue.

This woman is a wonderful doctor. In addition to traditional office calls, she provides emergency services, and in-home services. During disasters, she is called on to leave her practice in the capable hands of her bird nurse, and go to help. She helped in the Katrina disaster and most recently after the tornado in Joplin, Mo. Her passion is her bird rescue.

We adopted one of our beloved birds through her bird rescue. Bella Pickles was a little biter lovebird that nobody wanted. Dr. Julie gave her a chance. She rescues birds that people give up, through death, adverse economic situations, or that they no longer want. Dr. Julie finds them “forever homes.” Birds are given medical care and kept until they have homes.

I would love to help her Burge Bird Rescue win this money. I'm voting every day, but I think that I can do more! I can ask you to help.

If you want to help improve facilities for this deserving bird rescue, please use this link to vote in this Pepsi challenge. You may vote once a day. There is no money involved to vote. Pepsi rules state that only votes from inside the United States will be counted.

Expand our animal shelter for MO & KS homeless pet birds & parrots - Pepsi Refresh Project :

You may also text a vote in. Send the text to PEPSI (73774) This is the text message-107464.

Thanks for your time; I'll let you know how it comes out!


If you want to learn more about the Burge Bird Rescue, use this link: Burge Bird Rescue

Sunday, July 3, 2011

See through Your Pet’s Eyes

Have you ever wondered what your pets do during the day when you’re not around? Have you ever wanted to see the world through your pet’s eyes? Do you want to know which one of your pets chews the computer cord? Do you want to know if your neighbor is telling the truth or giving you a line of BS when they complain about your pet? What did your pet get into, perhaps anti freeze; save your pet’s life!

Read the article!!

See through Your Pet’s Eyes

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Design You Own Pet Exotic Pet Foxes

What do you think about genetically designing your own exotic pets? An experiment (very successful) was done using selective breeding, basically looking for the "nice or tame" gene. The results are quite interesting.

If you think about the endearing sweet, playful pup from the television show Little Rascals / Our Gang which aired over fifty years ago, you can’t quite imagine why the pit bull has become the center of legal action in many countries.

The pit bull used in legal and illegal dog fights throughout the world. What happened to the warm mischievous little dog that the world grew to love?

Many animals that I thought of as being sweet animals "shocked me” as many more seemed to become ferocious. Not all, not tons, but enough to cause me concern.

Then there was the other side of the coin. Having spent much of my life in the deep woods or in the country I also ran into enough wild animals that could have designed me a new body, hamburger to be exact. But, they didn’t. So evidently, some animals are “nicer” than others are.

During my pondering, I thought of abuse causing animals like the pit bull to create enough of a fierce population to warrant these legal actions. Genetics also crossed my mind. I was on the right track. I didn’t realize how right until I found an article in the March 2011 issue of National Geographic titled “Designing the Perfect Pet; Can a Fox Become Man’s Best Friend?” The article was written by Evan Ratliff.

This article threw my thought processes into whole new realms, and into overdrive. To the point of seriously having to contemplate the ethical and moral responsibilities of the decisions we could potentially make. We could create the perfect pet but is it right or wrong?

Great fox pictures!

Read the article Design You Own Pet Exotic Pet Foxes

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exotic Pets and Car Travel

Spring has sprung and summer will be here in a flash! Temperatures are rising which brings thoughts of fun in the sun and vacations. We enjoyed a great deal of car travel over the years. Having exotic pets has never slowed us down; much. It does take careful advanced planning for car travel with exotic pets.

Many people feel that it is near impossible to travel with animals and this simply is not true. A few years back, we traveled by car over 2000 miles with two baby raccoons. Only once did I threaten to leave them behind on the trip, and that was in the Badlands in the Dakotas when they both started teething at the same time. We had been planning the trip for quite some time when our two little orphans showed up. I think we had all of two days to figure out how to travel with raccoon kits. I guarantee you there is nothing published on this subject.

Read how to car travel with several exotic pets, parrots, ferrets, raccoons and more! Exotic Pets and Car Travel

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wolf - Loki's Story - Temperament

Part four of Wolf - Loki's Story - Temperament - Very popular and powerful story about wolves and wolf hybrids as pets. This article about wolves concludes a four part series discussing the wolf as a companion pet. How to socialize, train, and many other important aspects of having a wolf as a pet. If you have missed any part of this highly popular wolf series, Loki's Story, here are the links. Read the entire article on wolves. Wolf - Loki's Story - Temperament

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wolf - Loki's Story - Wolf Care

Wolf – Loki’s Story the highly popular series, written by guest author John Mattson, continues with the general care of the pet wolf. He covers the importance of social structure when training a wolf. The necessities of understanding the concept of wolf pack, and how to care for the wolf as a pet.

Back to to wolves in general. They are not like dog; they have a very well organized pack / social structure. And will only feel comfortable if you can provide that. That means, you have to really work at setting up the rules. I.E. obedience training, social structure in the home, try and get them used to routines. These routines must include lots of time together; grooming, playing, feeding, and even just being with you, if you are just reading or watching TV. They HAVE to have a well ordered social structure. At first Loki was nervous of her shadow, unless she was actually touching me or me touching her. This was because she trusted me. But we had not developed our social structure that high yet.

The article continues with part three. Parts one and two are linked to part three. One more to go next week. Read the entire article on the pet wolf. Read the rest of the article!

Wolf - Loki's Story - Wolf Care

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wolf Training - Loki's Story

This is the second installment of Wolf - Loki's Story. If you missed out on the opportunity to read the first installment, here it is Wolf - Loki's Story Stay tuned for installments three and four!

I remember a show on TV about some guy living in the wilderness with wolves, but cannot remember the name of the movie. Had a guy that was playing a bassoon or oboe, and a pack of wild wolves were howling in the background to it... Not out of annoyance, but more in harmony with him.

Well this made Loki happy on the one hand, yet a bit sad on the other. She was all over the living room looking for the sound. No, not at the rear door... nor at the fireplace... Not at the back of the couch, but at the TV. She sat inches from the TV, turning her head side to side as they howled, and she started howling also. Then pawing at the TV, and finally she realized it was not real wolves, and laid down next to me with her head on my leg, and her paws wrapped around my leg in a hug like fashion. That was how she fell asleep. Read the entire story here!

Wolf Training - Loki's Story

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mute Swans - Cygnets Have Hatched

I promised to sit on the nest until the baby swans hatched. We drove to Woonsocket, SD just about every day when it got close to hatching time. We caught both the pen and the hob busily working on the nest when the cygnets began to hatch. The babies are beautiful!

The eggs have hatched! The long tradition of swans on Lake Prior continues with the hatching of four new baby cygnets. As the swan parents warily watch over their hatchlings several Woonsocket, S.D. residents stopped by to ensure their safety.

Read the article Mute Swans - Cygnets Have Hatched

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wolf – Loki’s Story - Pet wolves

When someone says “Wolf”, what do you think of? To some, it conjures up images of an embodiment of evil, a creature of the night that befriends vampires, raids livestock and kills chickens and sheep. To me, it brings back memories of one of my most beloved companions; a haunting howl, the brown soulful eyes with the intelligence of a human behind them, a fun loving deeply emotional friend that I was lucky to share 4 years of my life with. Read the rest of this article and read the rest of the series! Wolf – Loki’s Story - Pet Wolves

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hedgehogs - Review A Complete Pet Owners Manual

Zug G. Standing Bear is a long time advocate of animals and exotic pets. He is currently the treasurer of the International Hedgehog Association (IHA). I thank our esteemed guest author for his review and for bringing to light an excellent book Hedgehogs: A Complete Pet Owners Manual.

Fortunately for hedgehog caretakers, there is finally a current and excellent book on pet hedgehog care. For the most part, pet hedgehog care books in the general book trade have been terrible – so bad that following many of the directions on habitat and diet would be fatal. Indeed, up until 2010, the only good widely available book on pet hedgehog care was the 1995 (now somewhat dated) work by Dawn Wrobel. In this new book by Sharon Vanderlip, there is a tremendous amount of information crammed within its nine chapters and 103 pages, so much so that some of us old folks may have to use a magnifying glass to read the small print. Read the rest of this great review!

Hedgehogs - Review A Complete Pet Owners Manual

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to care for the Pet Hedgehog

What is that irresistibly cute little brush that looks like an upside down bowl, with the sweetest, tiny face sticking out at one end, that's covered with quills? It must be a hedgehog. These quills are not the type of quills like, those of a porcupine; with barbs on the end. The quills feel more like a bristly brush. Hedgehogs have soft fur on their faces and bellies and they sport a very busy nose sniffing and snorting around. The hedgehog really does have a tail, but it is hard to see given that it is just a little nub hiding under the quills. Read, how to care for the pet hedgehog.

Pet Hedgehog

Hedgehogs – Interview with Z. G. Standing Bear

Z. G. Standing Bear is a Vietnam combat veteran and retired Army officer. He was also a college professor at Colorado State University having taught criminology, forensic science, and justice ethics, and a variety of other subjects.

Standing Bear is mixed-blood Native American with ancestors that are Mohawk, Wampanoag, Micmac, Scotch, and Irish.

“I spoke Mohawk before I spoke English (thanks to living with my grandmother - next door to my home - while my both parents worked). It was a delightful childhood,” said Standing Bear.

Z. G. Standing Bear is also a long time advocate of animals and exotic pets. He is currently the president of the International Hedgehog Association (IHA) Read the entire article!

Hedgehogs – Interview with Z. G. Standing Bear

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Filtered Water - Tap Water - Bottled Water

Filter water verses tap water, tap water verses filtered water, bottled water verses filtered water, or bottled water verses tap water. I have received many emails asking me why I always recommend filtered water rather than bottled water. What could be wrong with bottled water – a lot could be wrong with bottled water! We don’t want our pets or exotic pets to drink tap water or bottled water!

A friend of mine owns a store in California. Mostly it is a fruit/vegetable stand, a huge fruit/vegetable stand. He also carries dried fruit, nuts, and a combination of herbs, spices, and so forth. He is on a busy corner of two major highways. This store is located in San Joaquin valley and it gets very hot. He thought it would be a good idea to carry bottled water.

He attended a symposium by a major distributor of bottled water that is owned by one of the huge cola product companies. Come to find out, bottled water is nothing more than tap water, whatever is available at the plant where bottled water is filled. He opted not to sell bottled water. Learn the facts about bottled water Filtered Water - Tap Water - Bottled Water

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Honey Bees

The endangered honey bee, soon you will not find one-third of the fruits and vegetables in the store that you once did. Bees are every bit as fascinating as any exotic pet insect, or exotic pet any animal. Perhaps it’s time to learn a bit more about the honey bee. Maybe even explore the possibility of being a backyard beekeeper.

Some of the benefits are an interesting pet, fascinating hobby, your own homemade honey, having bee pollen at your disposal (considered a super food and a natural antibiotic). It has been used for thousands of years for its natural healing benefits and for its fountain of youth qualities. (Example below)

Bees have always fascinated me, even though I am allergic to them. I am also allergic to cats but that sure doesn’t stop me from sleeping with them. I became more captivated with honey bees when I discovered I had over a million exotic pet bees. I am not exaggerating. When I realized I had a few more bees than I had thought, I had a bee specialist come in to investigate the situation.

It turned out our grain elevator was filled to the brim with bees, he said over a million bees, plus honey comb, and lots of honey. Read the rest of the article Honey Bees

Friday, April 29, 2011

Pet Raccoons

Have you ever thought about a pet raccoon. Raccoons are intelligent, mischievous, fun, in addition destructive, may bite, and scratch. You will also see part of my pet raccoon family that I adore; lots of cute raccoon pictures. I personally love these exotic pets, everything about them, their personalities, their antics, even their odor. Read the article Pet Raccoons

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Praying Mantis - Care for the Praying Mantis

Insects as pets, like any other living thing, deserve the same level of commitment as any other pet. They are not a throw-a-way pet. You can’t decide you don’t want them and just release them outside. Every insect belongs within its own ecosystem; not all praying mantis or mantids are the same. There are over 2200 different species of mantises; mostly native to Asia, introducing just one into the wrong ecosystem could have devastating effects on the local ecology. There are approximately 20 native species of praying mantis native to the United States.

Praying mantis eats prey but they’re still a praying mantis, not a preying mantis. The name is derived from their prayer like posture. Except for a rare exception mantises must be housed separately.

The praying mantis comes from the sub tropics and tropics from around the world. The praying mantis has an incredible means to be able to hide amongst the vegetation in their ecosystem. One praying mantis looks like an orchid; the orchid praying mantis camouflaging itself within flowers of the rain forest. The orchid praying mantis is a beautiful organism that can easily capture its prey when it lands on the nearby flowers.

Read the rest of the article Praying Mantis - Care for the Praying Mantis

Rabbits and Geese

I felt it was time for a fun, light article. Did I ever tell you about the time my brother raised Easter Eggs from rabbits, or about the geese that chased my very proper aunt? I would love for you to share your animal stories!

I love to hear about you pets and for you to share your animal stories - please tell!

Rabbits and Geese

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Bunny

Even if you had planned, researched the needs of a pet rabbit, and are ready for a pet bunny, no holiday including Easter is the time to bring home a new pet. The hustle and bustle of holidays is really hard on any pet, especially exotic pets.

Rabbits are not for everyone, especially young children. You have to decide if your child is ready for a pet, any pet. Each child matures differently. Rabbits are especially vulnerable to mishandling; if dropped their fragile spines can break so easily. Read more

Easter Bunny

Monday, April 18, 2011

Earth Day

I have been pondering how I could have an impact on bringing awareness; encourage appreciation, and help preserve our beautiful planet as an Earth Day article. We as humans have destroyed so much and have given back so little. To make this worst many people are denying that there even is a problem. Read the whole article Earth Day Are we heading for collapse?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Swan – How to Care for Pet Swans

The swan, their elegant grace has been the subject of poems, plays, stories, and art. I just can’t help watching them with awe. After discovering a pair of Mute swans on Lake Prior in Woonsocket, SD it has become a weekly pilgrimage from Huron, where I live, to Woonsocket a small town about 25 miles away. We patiently wait for the signets to hatch. It is a joy to watch the swans protect and care for their young.

Their beautiful long curved necks, when the birds face each other forms the classic heart signifying the Mute swans eternal love.

Learn how to care for the swans, and other important facts about swans. Find swan breeders, and where to find swans for sale.

Swan – How to Care for Pet Swans

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pygmy Marmosets - Pet Pygmy Marmosets

The smallest primate in the world weighing approximately 4.20 oz (119 g) is the Pygmy marmoset (Callithrix pygmaea). There is 16 ounces (0.453592 kg) in a pound so hold one stick of butter, you will realize how small, and light they are. The ultimate exotic pet? You decide.

Now stick your thumb up, a newborn is the size of your thumb! I guess we can see where the term finger monkey or thumb monkey came from. They are also known as a dwarf monkey or a pocket monkey. My article on the finger monkey Finger Monkey Pygmy Marmoset

They are sold as pets, they aren’t legal in many areas, and they are very expensive. Pygmy marmosets monkey for sale is not an advertisement you will find often. You will find potential pygmy marmosets for sale at bottom of this article, and since he also mentioned something about the marmoset baby being born there; a potential pygmy marmoset breeder. Read the rest of the article Pygmy Marmosets - Pet Pygmy Marmosets

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sloth – Pet Sloths

Every since my daughter’s early years she has wanted a sloth. It all started when she received a plush animal sloth whose arms wrapped around her neck. I wasn’t usually one to turn down pet or exotic pet requests. I suggested we learn about sloths and meet a few up close and personal.

I’m not real sure if the actual sloth and the plushy sloth got in a race who would be the winner. I think I’d wager on the plushy.

Now, put aside for now everything I have taught you about exotic pets –it probably doesn’t apply to the sloth. Except for the last article Exotic Pets – Be Realistic

They are so slow moving they can get a greenish bluish cast because algae will grow on their fur. If algae can catch up, that is S L O W. The alga gives them the perfect camouflage to blend into the trees. It is also the perfect symbiotic relationships because the sloth can absorb the nutrients of the algae. Normally they are tan/brownish/gray in color, with long arms, and a slight bandit look to their flattish face.

There are two different species of sloths; two- toed (choloepus hoffmanni, and three- toed (bradypus variegates). It is believed the two different species came from two different lineages. The two-toed from the extinct Giant Ground Sloths. They are from Central America and South America. Most sloths live in the rainforests. Two toed sloths are normally a bit larger than the three-toed sloths. Two toed sloths have longer arms than three-toed sloths. Read the rest of the article Sloth – Pet Sloths

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Exotic Pets – Be Realistic

Understand your reason for wanting a pet, why do you want a particular pet? If it is a "fashion statement" please don’t get the pet. Go into exotic pet ownership realistically. It is not a popularity contest it is a deep love of an animal; a living being that saturates your heart and your soul.

Pets are not something to dispose of if you should no longer want to care for the animal, or if it smells, causes destruction to your home, or many of the potential inconveniences that comes with living with an animal. Having a pet is a commitment that will last the pet's lifetime.

If possible find a place to volunteer, a rescue, zoo, breeder, or sanctuary. Spending time caring for an animal may help you determine if the particular animal is realistically what you expected.

Often with exotic pet ownership it is a lifestyle change. It is difficult to find people you can trust to care for your pet while you go on vacation. What will happen to your pet if you are hospitalized? Think seriously about these things before acquiring a pet. Know what your options are and make arrangements beforehand. Read the rest of the article. Exotic Pets – Be Realistic

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dubia Roaches

Dubia roach (Blaptica dubia) - As a feeder insect my all time favorite is the Dubia roach (1 1/2 inches long -3.81 centimeter), especially over the popular cricket. Why? Because crickets stink, they can escape easily, they are fast, they are noisy, and they are less nutritious than Dubia roaches.

I have a preference for the Dubia roach over other roaches such as the Discoid Roaches and Orange Headed Roaches, the reasons being Dubia is slower moving, making them easier prey for your exotic pets, and they are not as introverted as the Discoid and Orange Headed. Dubia roaches are slower than crickets, if kept too cool (see warmth requirements further down in the article); they may become to slow as to not educe a feeding response or to stop reproduction. If kept at proper temperatures their speed is just right and are prolific breeders once they become mature.

Besides nutrition and lack of smell I like the Dubia over other insects because they are downright lousy climbers, they won’t escape by climbing up plastic or glass. They don’t bite. For a feeder insect they have a relatively long lifespan of approximately 18 months. They are easy breeders, as many roaches are. When I first began researching the topic before I began breeding, I guarantee I found more articles on eradicating roaches than on breeding roaches. Read the rest of the article and learn how to raise and breed Dubia roaches. Dubia Roaches

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feeding Live Prey to Exotic Pets

Live prey such as insects, an example would be a cricket, used as a healthy food source, applies not only to reptiles and amphibians, but also to a number of exotic pets that would eat insects in the wild. This would include many mammals, including the pet skunk. Arachnids, an example the tarantula, eat insects! Our pets deserve the best.

Feeding feeder insects can be a crap shoot; you just don’t have any idea of the nutritional value of insects bought in pet stores, online, wherever it is you purchase your live prey.

When it comes to feeding insects to your exotic pet keep in mind the nutritional value of an insect can be from very poor to very good. It depends on what the insect eats. If you can gather insects from an organic farm that grows organic fruits and vegetables, and has nutrient rich soil, the insect will be far superior to an insect gathered elsewhere. Read the rest of the article, find out how to have quality prey and save a ton of money too! Feeding Live Prey to Exotic Pets

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Euthanasia Our Little Ferret has Died

Euthanasia and other Tough Decisions Concerning Death.

It seems a bit paradoxical that one of my exotic pet ferrets is dying while I am writing and publishing the ferret series. All I know is Missy has been my friend, my companion, a friend who has shown me nothing but unconditional love from the day we brought her home. Euthanasia a hard decision. Now Missy is gone and my heart is heavy.

She was suffering greatly; no matter what we did we couldn’t give her a life that didn’t include pain and suffering. Most of this article was written before she died. On our wedding anniversary we had to make a very tough decision, euthanasia. A picture of Missy is at the bottom of the page. Read the full article Euthanasia Our Little Ferret has Died

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ferret Babies

A baby ferret is called a kit. They are born naked and pink with their eyes closed. They begin to grow fur and get their coloration at about 3-weeks old. Their eyes won’t open until about 34 days. They are blind and defenseless and depend on their mother completely.

The length of time before the ferret babies are born is the ferret gestation period and that ranges from 41 to 43 days and occasionally as early as 38 days. A ferret’s litter size is not typical, the numbers ranging from one to fifteen. Newborn kits do have a high mortality rate.

Ferrets are an obligate carnivore, they have a short digestive tract; much too short to have the ability to digest nutrients in plants. The ferret’s digestive system does not include the caecum which is needed to digest plant food/plant fiber. The caecum is a pouch in-between the large and small intestine, which harbors the good bacteria that assist in digesting the cellulose in plants. Animals that are plant eaters have enzymes that aid the animal to digest the plants. Ferrets lack many of these enzymes.

Because of the short digestive tract food stays in the tract only a short period of time (in an adult ferret about three hours) therefore, the food they eat must be high protein, highly digestible, and have healthy fat. They must eat frequently. A poor diet will starve the ferret to death.

The mother’s milk is very rich with protein and fat. When a ferret is weaned they must have a meat diet, real meat like ground chicken or turkey is great. If you must use a dry ferret kibble get the best. Do not use cat food it has only 30-33% protein, it’s full of corn and other plant matter that a ferret cannot digest. They also need healthy fat, vitamin E, Taurine, amino acids and a variety of other required nutrients.

Totally Ferret has a Totally Ferret Baby Ferret Formula with 92% animal protein is an excellent weaning food, Marshalls is a good choice, ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet, and Mazuri.

Ferrets need to eat at least every four hours if not more often. I have food available to them at all times. They also become accustomed to their food, and can have digestive disturbances if their food is abruptly changed. If you must change their food do so gradually. Use the food they are use to, then add small amount of the new food. Gradually increase the new food until you get them changed over completely. This article continues as does the series on ferrets and all exotic pets Baby Ferrets

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Breeding Ferrets

How to breed ferrets. The best advice I can offer is don’t, leave it to the experts. For a huge variety of reasons breeding ferrets is not for the timid, or anyone that doesn’t like really gross smells, despicable looking ferrets, it is stressful and often deadly to the jill (female ferret) and the hob (male ferret), and the kits (baby ferrets) often suffer a high mortality rate.

Breeding ferrets is expensive. Unless you have grown children and all of them have been to veterinarian school, breeding ferrets is not even close to financially feasible. In my opinion, it just isn’t responsible to breed ferrets especially if you are doing so because the kits are cute.

An unneutered hob will go into rut (yes, just like a deer) usually about 30 days before the jill goes into heat. Then the jill usually isn’t receptive to the hob for about 15 days after she goes into heat. If you attempt to put the jill in with the hob any earlier the jill will be uninterested in the hob and that is going to make the hob very mad and could injure and even kill the jill.

There is NOTHING romantic about a ferret’s sex life, at least from a human perspective. Who knows how the ferrets view the matter.

Let discuss the Neanderthal hob with his club. They put off a very offensive odor that comes from scent glands and urine. This scent is of an oil base and is used to mark his territory and to attract a female. This vile oil is spread with the male’s underbelly, as he smears it around. The male in a very short period of time is covered in this slime and stinks to high heaven.

Read the rest of the article
Breeding Ferrets

This is only of part of a series on exotic pet ferrets.
This is part of the continuing series of the pet ferret.
Ferret Training
Pet Ferret
Ferret Supplies
Breeding Ferrets

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Training Ferrets

Some people don’t think training ferrets or polecats is even possible, I differ on that opinion, – and they are very willing to please you… Training ferrets is quite similar to training dogs or even training a whale.

The key to training any animal is patience, consistency, and most of all training in a positive manner, no punishments. For example, if you see the ferret using the litter box, praise him or her vocally and give him or her a tasty treat. If you catch the ferret or pole cat backing into a corner to do their duty, pick the ferret up, using a firm no, place the ferret in the litter box. At this point, if the ferret does their duty, use a praise and treat reinforcement.

It is a good idea to start a new ferret and/or baby ferret (kit) out in a confine space with a litter box in a corner. Ferrets will always use a corner or corner of an area to eliminate.

One pet ferret litter training mistake people make is cleaning the litter box completely. If there is no feces or urine odor the ferret will think it isn’t suppose to eliminate in the box. Always save a bit of feces and a small clump of urine soaked litter to place in the clean litter box.

Another reason ferrets don't use their litter box is because some people are to lazy to scoop the box on a daily basis. I wouldn't want to stand and have waste materials squishing between my toes either. Nor, would I want to stand there smelling the awful odor and neither does your ferret. It takes but a minute, keep the litter boxes clean.

Ferrets do have a tendency to forget occasionally. As they get better at using the litter box you can increase the size of the confined area. As their play area increases and you notice a corner they have started to use to eliminate, put in another litter box.

Sometimes they get in a big hurry. They will back up to their litter box, stop short of it and squat with their little behinds up in the air missing the litter box entirely. I bought plastic carpet protectors and placed a good size square under the litter box where a portion sticks out on all sides.

Ferrets nip each other in play, its natural behavior but it is an unwanted behavior when they are playing with their human family. If they nip or bite you do not punish them. Immediately stop playing with them, with a firm no, and walk away. They are such social, intelligent exotic pets; it doesn’t take long at all for them to realize nipping is an unwanted behavior. Hitting a ferret or flicking a ferret on the nose will only cause the ferret to fear you, you are reinforcing a bad behavior and that biting will continue and become worst.

One of the first things you will want to teach your ferret is to come when called. This is for ferret’s safety. At the beginning, if you have multiple ferrets, you are basically teaching all of them to come to you. Read the rest of my article, and series on the pet ferret! Training Ferrets

Sunday, February 6, 2011


This is the beginning of an extensive series on the pet ferret. Ferrets are the third most popular pet. Many people that have ferrets are unsure where ferrets originated. Are ferrets carnivore or an omnivore? Not knowing this and your pet may die or become seriously ill.

How do you train a ferret? Yes, ferrets are trainable! Ferret training will be part of this series. In addition too, many more important things related to taking care of and having ferrets as pets.

The origin of the domestic ferret, and they have been domesticated for more than 2000 years, is still a mystery. Ferrets are thought to have originated from the European Polecat.

Genetically, the European Polecat and the domestic ferret are near identical. While the Black-Footed ferret has 38 chromosomes, the domestic ferret, and the European Polecat have 30 chromosomes. Keeping in mind, the chimpanzee and human being are near 97% similar genetically. Wolves and dogs are 99% similar genetically. This puts the domestic ferret and the polecat right up there with the wolf and the dog. Unfortunately, this doesn’t prove a thing. Read the rest of this article! Ferrets

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chausie Cats

Chausie cats are intelligent, sweet, loyal, and energetic. Often I hear the term doglike (personality) for descriptive phrases. Most enjoy the water. For the right home and human family this domestic cat makes a perfectly charming pet.

Though it is a misnomer the term designer cat has been coined for nondomestic hybrid source breeds, such as the Chausie, Bengal, and Savannah.

The domestic Chausie Cat origins were from breeding a nondomestic species, the Jungle cat (Felis chaus) with a domestic house cat (Abyssinian cat). So, a hybrid was the beginning of the Chausie but the Chausie born from the hybrid offspring are no longer a hybrid but a true domestic cat.

The nondomestic ancestor, Jungle Cats, were in Egyptian homes over three thousand years ago and were thought to have been one of the beginnings of most domestic housecats we find today. One other cat found in the ancient Egyptian homes was the Felis lybica the African Wildcat. Evidence of remains of the African Wildcat determined they were found in Middle Eastern homes as long as 10,000 years ago. So, obviously all domestic cats had wild ancestors; we just didn’t have a domestic cat appear magically from the use of a whispered enchantment in an ancient language. Read the rest of the article on Chausie Cats

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Exotic Pets and Children

Too often I read or hear of a child getting injured or bitten by an exotic pet. Exotic pets and children do not belong together, ever, unsupervised; supervised means watching the pets and the children constantly. Any pet, I don’t care if it is an exotic pet, dog, cat, a ferret, or any animal, children need to be protected from pets, and pets need to be protected from children.

Frankly, more pets are injured by children than pets harming children. When a child squishes a pet it doesn’t make the news. What does make the news is the very rare occurrence of an animal injuring a child and frankly, whose fault is it anyway? The person that is responsible for the pet and the child. You are responsible for the pets' and childrens'safety. Exotic Pets and Children

Recently, a ferret had chewed off the fingers of an infant. Who left the ferret alone with an infant?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Exotic Pets That Didn’t Come Home

Though I have had quite a few exotic pets over the many years there has been even more that never came home with me for a variety of reasons.

I have to ask myself, I even have to be quite honest with myself; can I properly take care of the exotic pet I am considering bringing home. Do I know enough about the animal to properly take care of it? Do I have the resources to be financially responsible for the pet? Sometime it is very difficult to make the brain decide over the heart.

I have longed for a Savannah cat. I have become totally smitten by Savannah cats. I was getting to the point where I could say that for a fact I was financially ready and more than able to properly care for the Savannah. These beautiful, perfect Savannah kittens were dangled in front of me. Brain over heart, my circumstances had drastically changed from one month to another. I had to decline, and this completely broke my heart.

Other reasons exotic pets did not come home with me. I do believe pets should come from captive breeding and not taken from the wild. Though a number of years ago, as long as it was an insect or spider and belonged environmentally to that particular area, I occasionally brought an animal home.

One day, as on many days we took our pet porters out on the rural country roads in Oklahoma. Over many years I had been in wildlife rehabilitation. I did dabble a bit in Oklahoma. We happened upon a long, large, big, centipede. I have never had a centipede as a pet. We were quite fascinated. My husband got out of the car and started toward the centipede. I’ll be darned if this centipede didn’t turn around and start chasing my husband. George lifted one foot, so it went after the other. He was afraid of injuring the animal; he headed back to the car, as did the centipede, chasing after George. Read the rest of the article!

Exotic Pets That Didn’t Come Home

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Exotic Pets and Your Significant Other

I am not quite sure that my future husband knew what he was getting himself into when he married me. It evidently worked out OK since we are approaching our 13th wedding anniversary. Having exotic pets was as normal to me as eating dinner once a day, or taking a shower.

I really didn’t think about poor George and my menagerie of pets when he came up to Northern Minnesota to move me to Southern Minnesota before our wedding.
The day I moved it was winter and quite chilly. I had the cages covered to keep them as warm as possible. Both vehicles were packed and warmed up before we began bringing the animals out. The truck was loaded and my boat was hitched to my car.

The first cage to be loaded was quite large and high. George asked, "What is in this cage?" I answered, ferrets. He then inquired how many ferrets. "Just seven ferrets," I answered.

George has always been very easy going. He didn’t bat an eye. We then went to grab a big pet carrier. "What is in here," he asked. "A skunk I answered, just one," I quickly added. His eyes started to look around the room at the number of pet porters and cages. "I told you I had pets, exotic pets and even unusual pets." He answered, "You said you had unusual animals but didn’t mention you had a zoo." Read more - continued

Exotic Pets and Your Significant Other

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Will Exotic Pets Help Save Mother Earth?

Only five percent of known plant species have been screened for their medicinal values though we are losing 100 species daily to extinction. Because of this five percent, there are many diseases that my children will never have to suffer, like my parents suffered and past generations before them. Have we already lost the cure for cancer or the common cold?

We continue to clear millions of acres for houses, buildings, parking lots, and agriculture. We continue to poison our lands and water supplies. We drain wet lands to have more land to farm or to build cities. For each single plant that we lose it triggers a domino effect, with this single plant triggering the loss of thirty more insects, plants, and animals. Our ecosystem is unraveling where will it end?

It is estimated that there is one and a half million species on earth today. There was twenty times that. There were thirty million species on our earth and that has dwindled down to only one and a half million. In the scheme of things our earth is very young and that is a significant loss. What have we done?

In our infinite wisdom and greed we are destroying the very life that gives us life!

The two primary reasons for extinction or endangerment are habitat loss and exploitation. Exploitation rears its ugly head in many forms but the main drive to exploit is money and greed.

I support the right of people to own animals, as long as they do so in a responsible way. These animals must never be bought from smugglers, or other illegal means. Only buy exotic pets that are captive bred or “homegrown” animals. If there is no demand for smuggled animals it will drop the profitability out of the illegal pet trade. Read the rest of the article here!

Will Exotic Pets Help Save Mother Earth?