Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wolf Training - Loki's Story

This is the second installment of Wolf - Loki's Story. If you missed out on the opportunity to read the first installment, here it is Wolf - Loki's Story Stay tuned for installments three and four!

I remember a show on TV about some guy living in the wilderness with wolves, but cannot remember the name of the movie. Had a guy that was playing a bassoon or oboe, and a pack of wild wolves were howling in the background to it... Not out of annoyance, but more in harmony with him.

Well this made Loki happy on the one hand, yet a bit sad on the other. She was all over the living room looking for the sound. No, not at the rear door... nor at the fireplace... Not at the back of the couch, but at the TV. She sat inches from the TV, turning her head side to side as they howled, and she started howling also. Then pawing at the TV, and finally she realized it was not real wolves, and laid down next to me with her head on my leg, and her paws wrapped around my leg in a hug like fashion. That was how she fell asleep. Read the entire story here!

Wolf Training - Loki's Story

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