Monday, May 16, 2011

Hedgehogs - Review A Complete Pet Owners Manual

Zug G. Standing Bear is a long time advocate of animals and exotic pets. He is currently the treasurer of the International Hedgehog Association (IHA). I thank our esteemed guest author for his review and for bringing to light an excellent book Hedgehogs: A Complete Pet Owners Manual.

Fortunately for hedgehog caretakers, there is finally a current and excellent book on pet hedgehog care. For the most part, pet hedgehog care books in the general book trade have been terrible – so bad that following many of the directions on habitat and diet would be fatal. Indeed, up until 2010, the only good widely available book on pet hedgehog care was the 1995 (now somewhat dated) work by Dawn Wrobel. In this new book by Sharon Vanderlip, there is a tremendous amount of information crammed within its nine chapters and 103 pages, so much so that some of us old folks may have to use a magnifying glass to read the small print. Read the rest of this great review!

Hedgehogs - Review A Complete Pet Owners Manual

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