Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feeding Live Prey to Exotic Pets

Live prey such as insects, an example would be a cricket, used as a healthy food source, applies not only to reptiles and amphibians, but also to a number of exotic pets that would eat insects in the wild. This would include many mammals, including the pet skunk. Arachnids, an example the tarantula, eat insects! Our pets deserve the best.

Feeding feeder insects can be a crap shoot; you just don’t have any idea of the nutritional value of insects bought in pet stores, online, wherever it is you purchase your live prey.

When it comes to feeding insects to your exotic pet keep in mind the nutritional value of an insect can be from very poor to very good. It depends on what the insect eats. If you can gather insects from an organic farm that grows organic fruits and vegetables, and has nutrient rich soil, the insect will be far superior to an insect gathered elsewhere. Read the rest of the article, find out how to have quality prey and save a ton of money too! Feeding Live Prey to Exotic Pets

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