Sunday, March 27, 2011

Exotic Pets – Be Realistic

Understand your reason for wanting a pet, why do you want a particular pet? If it is a "fashion statement" please don’t get the pet. Go into exotic pet ownership realistically. It is not a popularity contest it is a deep love of an animal; a living being that saturates your heart and your soul.

Pets are not something to dispose of if you should no longer want to care for the animal, or if it smells, causes destruction to your home, or many of the potential inconveniences that comes with living with an animal. Having a pet is a commitment that will last the pet's lifetime.

If possible find a place to volunteer, a rescue, zoo, breeder, or sanctuary. Spending time caring for an animal may help you determine if the particular animal is realistically what you expected.

Often with exotic pet ownership it is a lifestyle change. It is difficult to find people you can trust to care for your pet while you go on vacation. What will happen to your pet if you are hospitalized? Think seriously about these things before acquiring a pet. Know what your options are and make arrangements beforehand. Read the rest of the article. Exotic Pets – Be Realistic

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