Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tornado - Flood - Fire

If there was a tornado siren right now could you transport your bird to safety? What if there was a fire in your home or a wild fire racing down the hill? Do you have a hard sided carrier to help protect your parrot from blowing debris? Is the hard sided carrier stuffed in the closet? In the garage under mounds of other stuff you have stored? If you need to transport your bird to safety quickly, that carrier is worthless to you if you can't get at it quickly. What you say? Your state never has tornadoes? I beg to differ no state is tornado proof. If you have only a rare tornado how about straight line winds? Perhaps floods? How about a out-of control car crashing into the living room? A fire? There are always natural or not so natural emergencies where your bird may need to be transported quickly. Learn how to keep your bird safe. Tornado - Flood - Fire

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pet Chipmunks

The pet chipmunk is a high maintenance - high octane pet. Pet chipmunks are full of curiosity, zip, vim and vigor. They have very specific needs. They are not a hold me - cuddle me type of pet. They must explore. They must be able to dig and tunnel. They have many instinctual self protection modes that must be respected, accepted and understood. They can't live in a small cage they must - MUST have a large habitat. If you have a spare room with some chipmunk proofing this would be closer to ideal. Chipmunks can be very destructive. You must protect them from their own destructiveness. Anything electrical that is remotely accessible to them is out of the question. Learn how to raise pet chipmunks, see chipmunk images - chipmunks as pets. Chipmunk Pets

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Planting Goji Berries

I planted Goji Berries last spring and promised you all an update on how they survived our Northern winter. I have Goji berry images of the new growth and a lot of updated information about the Goji berries and nutrition qualities of the wolfberry (Goji). These are great for people & exotic pets! Goji berry plants available. Goji Berry update

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pet Unicorn

How to care for the pet unicorn. I would like to introduce to you an exotic pet that is wonderful but quite difficult to care for. Exotic pets all have individual needs and we need to learn about those needs before acquiring any pet. Learn how to care for the unicorns. Pictures of unicorns! Enjoy the rest of the exotic pet Bellaonline articles. There are hundreds of quality articles about and how to care for exotic pets!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Microchips - Lost bird

Think about this. And, it isn't just for dogs or birds. You can place many species of animals where the word bird is. In just one shelter, in one years time, 150 birds were recovered and every single one scanned for microchips. This microchip could have been their ticket home to their human family that grieved their loss. However, not ONE bird had a microchip. If all 150 birds had microchips they could have all gone home! I couldn't live with myself if I haven't micro chipped my birds, they had become lost, found by some caring soul and brought to a shelter where the bird was scanned and no microchip found. Learn about microchips!!! Microchips - Lost bird

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Line of Ferret Clothing

New Line of Ferret Clothing - Ferret clothing fits many species of exotic pets! Amy"Jo" Casner (she prefers to be called Jo but will answer to AmyJo) contacted me because I posted that my ferret was a bit short in the fur department. "I came up with the Ferret WarmUp Jacket for fur challenged ferrets," said Jo. Her first venture in creating ferret clothing, was when a friend was looking for military fatigues, so that her friend's ferret Polar Bear could greet her daddy properly, when he returned from Iraq. Jo and her friend looked for such an outfit, but found the market seriously wanting. "Most of what I saw was cartoonish or really off the mark," said Jo. So with the help of a friend, who is retired army, she designed fatigues. Read the rest of the review! New Line of Ferret Clothing

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eclectus Parrots - Introduction

The eclectus parrot makes for an amazing pet bird. They are quite capable of reasoning, perception, and are highly intuitive. Compared to other parrots they are highly unusual because they are sexually dimorphic, the male and female's appearance is quite different. The female (hen) is primarily bright red and blue to purple. The male (cock) is bright green and red. Many years ago it was generally thought that the red and green birds were totally different birds while in fact, they are both eclectus. Learn about the eclectus a wonderful pet parrot! Eclectus Parrots - Introduction