Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pet Chipmunks

The pet chipmunk is a high maintenance - high octane pet. Pet chipmunks are full of curiosity, zip, vim and vigor. They have very specific needs. They are not a hold me - cuddle me type of pet. They must explore. They must be able to dig and tunnel. They have many instinctual self protection modes that must be respected, accepted and understood. They can't live in a small cage they must - MUST have a large habitat. If you have a spare room with some chipmunk proofing this would be closer to ideal. Chipmunks can be very destructive. You must protect them from their own destructiveness. Anything electrical that is remotely accessible to them is out of the question. Learn how to raise pet chipmunks, see chipmunk images - chipmunks as pets. Chipmunk Pets

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