Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wing Clip - Birds

Clipping a bird's wings the first time is not easy. You could injure the bird or even cause it to bleed to death during the wing clip. The first time I strongly suggest you professionally have the wings clipped and watch the procedure closely. This is a good way to learn how to clip wings. Each species of bird is trimmed differently. It is a safe procedure if you know how and have experience. Larger birds such as Amazons and macaws need fewer primary feathers cut. Once the feathers are cut it is rare that they can fly, only glide down from where they are perched. Smaller birds such as a cockatiel are much more difficult to keep from flying and will need to have the majority of his primary feather clipped. Even then, the cockatiel is capable of flight; he cannot gain much altitude, but can fly. Some people will advise you to cut the feathers of only one wing. This is dangerous advice. Both sides need to be trimmed so the bird is balanced. If he falls, or tries to fly off his perch, he needs to be able to glide down balanced, to prevent injury. Learn how to clip a birds wings here

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