Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Broken Hearts - Death and Dying - Exotic Pets

The last couple of weeks were weeks of broken hearts. People I love dearly that have lost their companions. My charming cousin lost his dog of many years, his companion, his compadre, in this case the meaning of the word compadre being a special relationship between two good friends. Another close relative who came very close to losing a pet; going through the frightening process of a serious infection needing immediate surgery. I also lost Cedramoon. She was one of the sweetest ferrets I have ever had. I knew the day would come that they would all continue on to where sweet souls go but I didn't expect them to go so close together. Many of my friends on Facebook lost their dear sweet pets in the last couple of weeks. These are the people I know personally, each loss has left a crack in my heart. I wonder about the billions of people I don't know that are hurting. I know these pets were loved. Read the rest of the article and memorialize your beloved pet. Broken Hearts - Death and Dying - Exotic Pets You will also be given the chance to memorialize your pet forever.

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