Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ferret - Pet Ferrets This ferret guide is part of the What Pet Do I Choose series. Comparison information to help you choose between exotic pets or more common pets. What pet would you choose. Would a ferret fit your personality or in your household. Do ferrets make a good pet? Learn about ferret facts, breeding ferrets, ferret kits, and generally about ferrets as pets. Ferret - Pet Ferrets

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rodents - Pet Rodent - Exotic Pets

Rodents make very interesting pets and are very intelligent, so why not a pet rodent. Consider pet mice, pet gerbils, pet chinchillas, pet rats, pet guinea pigs, Patagonian cavies, or a Pygmy Jerboa as a pet. Rodents are wonderful exotic pets. This article is part of Choose a Pet series.Rodents - Pet Rodent - Exotic Pets Do you have or have you had a rodent as a pet?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to Choose a Pet

The first question is what kind of pet should be choose. Do we want a common pet perhaps a dog, cat, bird or fish? Let's learn about these animals to find out if they are the pet for us. In the next few new articles we will look at all the exotic pets. Let's figure out how to choose a pet. How to Choose a Pet

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kinkajous - Pet Kinkajous

Kinkajous - Pet Kinkajous I think I have found perhaps the cutest of the exotic pets, at least up there with the bush baby. The Kinkajous which is an animal from the rain forest. They have a velvet feel to their fur - they are soft and cuddly and can have very sweet personalities. The Pet Kinkajou have an unusual diet of fruit, flowers, and nectar. Kinds of reminds me of the unusual little critters of Avatar. I have the kinkajou cages needs for you, vaccinations, and other necessarily care requirements. Learn about Kinkajous here Kinkajous - Pet Kinkajous Any exotic pet breeders who which to be listed on BellaOnline please contact me via Exotic Pets BellaOnline bio page about me Diana