Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day - How Have Humans Impacted the Earth?

Do you have any idea how close we are to our own destruction? We may survive, at least the people willing to work extremely hard, don’t mind extreme discomfort, because we won’t be surviving with oil, or the automobile, tractors, and the zillion of other things that comes from oil; petroleum products. Not just creature comforts would be gone, but we would be back to living with extreme hardships. The seven billion people on earth won’t all survive, in fact only a very small percentage. Go to your kitchen and open just one cupboard. I will do the same. I opened the cupboard that has rice, wheat, cereals, and other like products. Let’s think about the simple product wheat, how much oil did it take to get that wheat into our cupboard? Also, what is the product in cardboard or plastic? Cardboard is made from trees, and uses oil, plastic is made from oil. First of all, the farmer gets up in the morning, puts on his or her clothing (takes oil to make and transport clothing), he or she eats breakfast (takes oil to produce and transport his breakfast). He then heads to his pickup truck, which is filled with petroleum. Each tire is made from oil; a car tire takes seven gallons, more for a pickup truck. Then you add the fossil fuel it takes to transport the tires, transport all the other materials that go into a tire. Each tire ends up using a barrel of oil; how many gallons of oil in a barrel - 42 gallons. Look at plastic parts, all plastic parts are made from fossil fuels. He stops at the barn to get his tractor. Look at those huge tires! How much petroleum product could be in those massive tires? Again, many other components on the tractor made from oil. He stops and fills up the tank with fuel, obviously from oil. Earth Day - How Have Humans Impacted the Earth?

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