Saturday, September 10, 2011

Exotic Pet Laws

I grow more concerned about the trend of the changes in exotic pet laws. I think you should too. These laws are taking yet more rights away from the citizen. It is usually the same people that call for less government. They create more. I am not referring to either political party as I belong to none. In all consciousness I cannot stand behind or proudly say I am a…..! Just fill in the blank, republican, democrat, etcetera. The current political parties dishonor our nation. They do not represent the people of the United States of America, they stand for the companies that seem to be running the country, and they stand for their own political agenda. They stand for reelections, for themselves or for their party. How can they possibly be fair about laws concerning exotic pets? Now that is off my chest I’ll continue. Yes, the Department of Wildlife or Department of Fish and Game, has a great deal to do with exotic pet laws, but don’t think for a minute they are not as corrupt as our other representatives are. They or fairly, many of them also seem to have a bug up their not so sunny place machismo (as far as I am concerned the female gender can have this affliction too.) An exotic pet does not necessarily equal a dangerous pet. What? If it were true we’d see these headlines! Stay tuned for the attack of the dwarf hamster! Mini lop rabbit wipes out apartment complex. Corn snake goes berserk hissing owner to…death by tickle? I don’t like making light of a serious matter, however some of the new rulings include non-dangerous animals. Our laws never made it out of the archaic epoch to allow ferrets in the state of California. Read the full article! Exotic Pet Laws

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