Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ferrets, Skunks, Raccoons and Bears – My Interests

From exotic pets to wildlife rehabilitation. What life experiences makes us the people we are today?

My interest in exotic pets began to include wildlife rehabilitation when I moved to Northern Minnesota. The first full day in my new home a Bald Eagle flew over my home and landed in a White Pine tree right next to the house. I saw it as a premonition.

Our first walk in the woods, miles from other humans, my children and I caught sight of a bear and her cubs.

This article will begin to share a vast array of experiences in my lifetime with exotic pets and wild animals. This will not be the complete story by a long shot but I thought it would be enjoyable occasionally to share some of the highlights of my life. Read the article at

Ferrets, Skunks, Raccoons and Bears – My Interests

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