Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exotic Pets and Car Travel

Spring has sprung and summer will be here in a flash! Temperatures are rising which brings thoughts of fun in the sun and vacations. We enjoyed a great deal of car travel over the years. Having exotic pets has never slowed us down; much. It does take careful advanced planning for car travel with exotic pets.

Many people feel that it is near impossible to travel with animals and this simply is not true. A few years back, we traveled by car over 2000 miles with two baby raccoons. Only once did I threaten to leave them behind on the trip, and that was in the Badlands in the Dakotas when they both started teething at the same time. We had been planning the trip for quite some time when our two little orphans showed up. I think we had all of two days to figure out how to travel with raccoon kits. I guarantee you there is nothing published on this subject.

Read how to car travel with several exotic pets, parrots, ferrets, raccoons and more! Exotic Pets and Car Travel

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  1. It is not impossible to travel with exotic pets. I believe on that too.

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