Sunday, June 26, 2011

Design You Own Pet Exotic Pet Foxes

What do you think about genetically designing your own exotic pets? An experiment (very successful) was done using selective breeding, basically looking for the "nice or tame" gene. The results are quite interesting.

If you think about the endearing sweet, playful pup from the television show Little Rascals / Our Gang which aired over fifty years ago, you can’t quite imagine why the pit bull has become the center of legal action in many countries.

The pit bull used in legal and illegal dog fights throughout the world. What happened to the warm mischievous little dog that the world grew to love?

Many animals that I thought of as being sweet animals "shocked me” as many more seemed to become ferocious. Not all, not tons, but enough to cause me concern.

Then there was the other side of the coin. Having spent much of my life in the deep woods or in the country I also ran into enough wild animals that could have designed me a new body, hamburger to be exact. But, they didn’t. So evidently, some animals are “nicer” than others are.

During my pondering, I thought of abuse causing animals like the pit bull to create enough of a fierce population to warrant these legal actions. Genetics also crossed my mind. I was on the right track. I didn’t realize how right until I found an article in the March 2011 issue of National Geographic titled “Designing the Perfect Pet; Can a Fox Become Man’s Best Friend?” The article was written by Evan Ratliff.

This article threw my thought processes into whole new realms, and into overdrive. To the point of seriously having to contemplate the ethical and moral responsibilities of the decisions we could potentially make. We could create the perfect pet but is it right or wrong?

Great fox pictures!

Read the article Design You Own Pet Exotic Pet Foxes

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