Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Praying Mantis - Care for the Praying Mantis

Insects as pets, like any other living thing, deserve the same level of commitment as any other pet. They are not a throw-a-way pet. You can’t decide you don’t want them and just release them outside. Every insect belongs within its own ecosystem; not all praying mantis or mantids are the same. There are over 2200 different species of mantises; mostly native to Asia, introducing just one into the wrong ecosystem could have devastating effects on the local ecology. There are approximately 20 native species of praying mantis native to the United States.

Praying mantis eats prey but they’re still a praying mantis, not a preying mantis. The name is derived from their prayer like posture. Except for a rare exception mantises must be housed separately.

The praying mantis comes from the sub tropics and tropics from around the world. The praying mantis has an incredible means to be able to hide amongst the vegetation in their ecosystem. One praying mantis looks like an orchid; the orchid praying mantis camouflaging itself within flowers of the rain forest. The orchid praying mantis is a beautiful organism that can easily capture its prey when it lands on the nearby flowers.

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