Friday, April 29, 2011

Pet Raccoons

Have you ever thought about a pet raccoon. Raccoons are intelligent, mischievous, fun, in addition destructive, may bite, and scratch. You will also see part of my pet raccoon family that I adore; lots of cute raccoon pictures. I personally love these exotic pets, everything about them, their personalities, their antics, even their odor. Read the article Pet Raccoons

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Praying Mantis - Care for the Praying Mantis

Insects as pets, like any other living thing, deserve the same level of commitment as any other pet. They are not a throw-a-way pet. You can’t decide you don’t want them and just release them outside. Every insect belongs within its own ecosystem; not all praying mantis or mantids are the same. There are over 2200 different species of mantises; mostly native to Asia, introducing just one into the wrong ecosystem could have devastating effects on the local ecology. There are approximately 20 native species of praying mantis native to the United States.

Praying mantis eats prey but they’re still a praying mantis, not a preying mantis. The name is derived from their prayer like posture. Except for a rare exception mantises must be housed separately.

The praying mantis comes from the sub tropics and tropics from around the world. The praying mantis has an incredible means to be able to hide amongst the vegetation in their ecosystem. One praying mantis looks like an orchid; the orchid praying mantis camouflaging itself within flowers of the rain forest. The orchid praying mantis is a beautiful organism that can easily capture its prey when it lands on the nearby flowers.

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Rabbits and Geese

I felt it was time for a fun, light article. Did I ever tell you about the time my brother raised Easter Eggs from rabbits, or about the geese that chased my very proper aunt? I would love for you to share your animal stories!

I love to hear about you pets and for you to share your animal stories - please tell!

Rabbits and Geese

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Bunny

Even if you had planned, researched the needs of a pet rabbit, and are ready for a pet bunny, no holiday including Easter is the time to bring home a new pet. The hustle and bustle of holidays is really hard on any pet, especially exotic pets.

Rabbits are not for everyone, especially young children. You have to decide if your child is ready for a pet, any pet. Each child matures differently. Rabbits are especially vulnerable to mishandling; if dropped their fragile spines can break so easily. Read more

Easter Bunny

Monday, April 18, 2011

Earth Day

I have been pondering how I could have an impact on bringing awareness; encourage appreciation, and help preserve our beautiful planet as an Earth Day article. We as humans have destroyed so much and have given back so little. To make this worst many people are denying that there even is a problem. Read the whole article Earth Day Are we heading for collapse?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Swan – How to Care for Pet Swans

The swan, their elegant grace has been the subject of poems, plays, stories, and art. I just can’t help watching them with awe. After discovering a pair of Mute swans on Lake Prior in Woonsocket, SD it has become a weekly pilgrimage from Huron, where I live, to Woonsocket a small town about 25 miles away. We patiently wait for the signets to hatch. It is a joy to watch the swans protect and care for their young.

Their beautiful long curved necks, when the birds face each other forms the classic heart signifying the Mute swans eternal love.

Learn how to care for the swans, and other important facts about swans. Find swan breeders, and where to find swans for sale.

Swan – How to Care for Pet Swans

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pygmy Marmosets - Pet Pygmy Marmosets

The smallest primate in the world weighing approximately 4.20 oz (119 g) is the Pygmy marmoset (Callithrix pygmaea). There is 16 ounces (0.453592 kg) in a pound so hold one stick of butter, you will realize how small, and light they are. The ultimate exotic pet? You decide.

Now stick your thumb up, a newborn is the size of your thumb! I guess we can see where the term finger monkey or thumb monkey came from. They are also known as a dwarf monkey or a pocket monkey. My article on the finger monkey Finger Monkey Pygmy Marmoset

They are sold as pets, they aren’t legal in many areas, and they are very expensive. Pygmy marmosets monkey for sale is not an advertisement you will find often. You will find potential pygmy marmosets for sale at bottom of this article, and since he also mentioned something about the marmoset baby being born there; a potential pygmy marmoset breeder. Read the rest of the article Pygmy Marmosets - Pet Pygmy Marmosets

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sloth – Pet Sloths

Every since my daughter’s early years she has wanted a sloth. It all started when she received a plush animal sloth whose arms wrapped around her neck. I wasn’t usually one to turn down pet or exotic pet requests. I suggested we learn about sloths and meet a few up close and personal.

I’m not real sure if the actual sloth and the plushy sloth got in a race who would be the winner. I think I’d wager on the plushy.

Now, put aside for now everything I have taught you about exotic pets –it probably doesn’t apply to the sloth. Except for the last article Exotic Pets – Be Realistic

They are so slow moving they can get a greenish bluish cast because algae will grow on their fur. If algae can catch up, that is S L O W. The alga gives them the perfect camouflage to blend into the trees. It is also the perfect symbiotic relationships because the sloth can absorb the nutrients of the algae. Normally they are tan/brownish/gray in color, with long arms, and a slight bandit look to their flattish face.

There are two different species of sloths; two- toed (choloepus hoffmanni, and three- toed (bradypus variegates). It is believed the two different species came from two different lineages. The two-toed from the extinct Giant Ground Sloths. They are from Central America and South America. Most sloths live in the rainforests. Two toed sloths are normally a bit larger than the three-toed sloths. Two toed sloths have longer arms than three-toed sloths. Read the rest of the article Sloth – Pet Sloths