Saturday, January 8, 2011

Exotic Pets and Your Significant Other

I am not quite sure that my future husband knew what he was getting himself into when he married me. It evidently worked out OK since we are approaching our 13th wedding anniversary. Having exotic pets was as normal to me as eating dinner once a day, or taking a shower.

I really didn’t think about poor George and my menagerie of pets when he came up to Northern Minnesota to move me to Southern Minnesota before our wedding.
The day I moved it was winter and quite chilly. I had the cages covered to keep them as warm as possible. Both vehicles were packed and warmed up before we began bringing the animals out. The truck was loaded and my boat was hitched to my car.

The first cage to be loaded was quite large and high. George asked, "What is in this cage?" I answered, ferrets. He then inquired how many ferrets. "Just seven ferrets," I answered.

George has always been very easy going. He didn’t bat an eye. We then went to grab a big pet carrier. "What is in here," he asked. "A skunk I answered, just one," I quickly added. His eyes started to look around the room at the number of pet porters and cages. "I told you I had pets, exotic pets and even unusual pets." He answered, "You said you had unusual animals but didn’t mention you had a zoo." Read more - continued

Exotic Pets and Your Significant Other

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