Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pet Coatimundi

Coatimundi - The pet coatimundi
The coatimundi or coati can be a great exotic pet for some people. The coati can be very affectionate but are highly active and can be destructive. The coati is active in the day and is an omnivore. Find coati breeders and learn to take care of the coatimundi. Enjoy coatimondi pictures.
Pet Coatimundi

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets BellaOnline is a exotic pet friendly site. There is a comprehensive series of exotic pet articles you are sure to enjoy. There are great animal pictures, exotic pet news, and a friendly forum to get to know people that have pets as you do. Please learn all you can about an exotic pet before you purchase one. Find out if the pet you are interested in is legal where you live. Read more Exotic Pets

Hedgehog - Hedgehogs

The pet hedgehog and pet hedgehogs

The hedgehog is a wonderful little pet. They are a nocturnal animal and it maybe better if you´re not the early to bed type of person. You would only end up with enough time to wave a friendly hello to your little exotic pet. Their quills are not sharp like a porcupine; the feel is more like a hair brush. Read more...Hedgehog - Hedgehogs


The chinchilla as a exotic pet pet chinchillas

Pet chinchillas are intelligent, and sweet. They are reasonably easy to care for. They do need a large, tall cage, with multiple layers. They have an advanced herd social structure it is necessary to be knowledgeable about introducing a new chinchilla to another chinchilla. Read more on the pet chinchilla Chinchilla

Tarantula - How to Care for the Pet Tarantula

The pet tarantula

Learn how to care for the pet tarantula. Tarantulas need special care for heat to humidity. There are many different kinds of tarantulas each need special care. Most are quite gentle and really do make great pets. Meet my hairy friend the tarantula. Think twice before stepping on a spider. See tarantula pictures.

More on the pet tarantula Tarantula - How to Care fore the Pet Tarantula

Hamster - How to Care for the Pet Hamster

The pet hamster and pet hamsters

Hamsters can be good pets but can be a bit nippy. Children should be supervised 100% of the time when handling a hamster. This is to protect your child and the hamster. How to house, feed, and care for the exotic pet hamster. There is a follow up article on hamster bonding and health issues.

More on the pet hamster....Hamster - How to Care for the Pet Hamster

Ferret - How to care for the Pet Ferret

The pet ferret is a remarkable animal and make great pets for the right people.

How to care for the pet ferret. The ferret is a fun and loveable pet that has gained a great deal of popularity. Ferrets are remarkable sweet and funny animals. Funny as in ha ha funny. They are worth a laugh a minute. They require the company of their own or a great deal of time with you. Read more, you will find a full series of ferret articles. Ferrets - How to care for the Pet Ferret

Iguana as a pet

The pet iguana

So you want a pet iguana? Beautiful reptiles but do you know how big they get? The iguana can make a wonderful exotic pet but you do need to know a great deal about the care of iguanas. They need heat, special food, and special lighting. Otherwise it can lead to Metabolic Bone Disease, MBD.

Read more Iguana as a pet

Sugar gliders - Sugar gliders as pets

The pet sugar glider is a wonderful exotic pet.

Sugar gliders love human attention and they love to play. You need to bond with the little ones when you bring them home. Since they sleep in the daytime, you can bond with them by letting them sleep in your pocket or even a fanny pact, facing front, mainly so you do not forget, and sit on it! Sugar gliders will form very strong bonds with their owners. Scent is important to Sugar Gliders; they use it in the wild to recognize their groups. Scent has influence in the bonding process as well. Read more! Sugar gliders - Sugar gliders as pets

Friday, April 23, 2010

Rabbit Supplies

Rabbit Supplies

Learning about a new exotic pet and everything an exotic pet needs isn’t an easy task. I have put together the basic necessities of what a rabbit will need. Don’t skimp on the rabbit cage, they need the space. Stay away from the rabbit pellets that commercial rabbit breeder’s use.

To see the whole article - Rabbit Supplies

Pet Rabbit

Pet Rabbit

Nothing much beats the feeling of a wiggly nose in the neckshoulder. This is a body part you develop only when you have had a baby or when you have a pet rabbit. Rabbits are not a object you give as a gift nor should one be bought on impulse. How to care for the pet rabbit.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ban the Gas Chamber for Animals

"Michigan House Bill 4263, the Humane Euthanasia of Shelter Animals Act, and House Bill 4803 both would ensure that when the state's unwanted, sick or unadoptable shelter animals have to be euthanized, the procedure will only be done by injection of sodium pentobarbital. This method is called euthanasia by injection."

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pet Adoption

When we are lonely and blue there could be a pet for you that will always be true. Consider pet adoption. It doesn’t need to be a dog or cat there are many exotic pets that need a home. Consider adopting an exotic pet I will show you how to find adoptable exotic pets. Read more Pet Adoption