Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Line of Ferret Clothing

New Line of Ferret Clothing - Ferret clothing fits many species of exotic pets! Amy"Jo" Casner (she prefers to be called Jo but will answer to AmyJo) contacted me because I posted that my ferret was a bit short in the fur department. "I came up with the Ferret WarmUp Jacket for fur challenged ferrets," said Jo. Her first venture in creating ferret clothing, was when a friend was looking for military fatigues, so that her friend's ferret Polar Bear could greet her daddy properly, when he returned from Iraq. Jo and her friend looked for such an outfit, but found the market seriously wanting. "Most of what I saw was cartoonish or really off the mark," said Jo. So with the help of a friend, who is retired army, she designed fatigues. Read the rest of the review! New Line of Ferret Clothing

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