Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hedgehogs - Interview with Z. G. Standing Bear

Z. G. Standing Bear is a Vietnam combat veteran and retired Army officer. He was also a college professor at Colorado State University having taught criminology, forensic science, and justice ethics, and a variety of other subjects. Standing Bear is mixed-blood Native American with ancestors that are Mohawk, Wampanoag, Micmac, Scotch, and Irish. “I spoke Mohawk before I spoke English (thanks to living with my grandmother - next door to my home - while my both parents worked). It was a delightful childhood,” said Standing Bear. Z. G. Standing Bear is also a long time advocate of animals and exotic pets. He is currently the treasurer of the International Hedgehog Association (IHA). In 1991 the African Hedgehog was gathered in African and sold prolifically in the wholesale pet market in the United States. The USDA ceased the importation of the Hedgehog in 1994 allowing unscrupulous individuals to gain huge profits off the hedgehog. Learn about Hedgehogs and Z. G. Standing Bear

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