Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pollys Pleasures Victorian Wrought Iron Bird Cage

I am exotic pet/exotic parrot consultant. So, I can get animals in from all over at anytime. I got a call on a little mitred conure, the owner was livid about getting rid of his reprehensible biting parrot. I discussed all the alternatives on behavioral modification however; he wanted nothing to do with it. On top of that the cage wasn't coming with the bird. I thought, cheap &#^*, how in the world could he have ever ended up with a parrot? I didn't need a huge cage; mitred conures are on the smaller side of a parrot. He or she should have plenty of space to stretch his wings, to climb, to hop from bar to bar; besides my birds don't spend a great deal of time in the cage. Polly's Pleasures Victorian Wrought Iron Bird Cage fits all my criteria for a bird cage for my parrot. It will look nice in my living room though that is the least important factor. The most important factors in determining a cage purchase is safety, size, easy to clean and inexpensive. Where and how do you find a safe affordable parrot cage? It seems the fancier the name the more expensive the cage. Stick with the basics, make sure the latch is secure, and that it is painted with a nontoxic paint. This is a review on Polly’s Pleasures Victorian Wrought Iron Bird Cages. Pollys Pleasures Victorian Wrought Iron Bird Cage

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