Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Miniature Horses

Miniature horses have always intrigued me. I grew up on a ranch, along with a lot of other animals we raised appaloosa horses, so I have always adored horses. Heck, as a young teen that was my main mode of transportation. You'd be surprised at how far I managed to get on horseback! A miniature horse can be a household pet (with certain health requirements - important needs that affect the respiratory system if kept indoors), outdoor/indoor, or strictly outdoor. It is important if you choose to have a miniature horse as a indoor pet that they have time to play outside for fresh air, exercise, play, healthy sunshine, and their need to run around (essential for digestion). If kept as an outdoor pet the horse will need a warm shelter that has good ventilation. The smallest miniature horse was 10 pounds and 12 inches tall when it was born. Her name is Black Beauty. Black Beauty is considered a dwarf miniature horse and is 18.5 at the withers which would be the area of the last hairs at the end of the mane. The average lifespan of a miniature horse is 30-40 years. Along with their good nature and what seems the natural ability to guide, plus their longevity they make outstanding guide animals or assistance animals; guide horses for the blind. Make sure you acquire or buy a horse that has bright shiny eyes, looks alert, healthy coat of hair, and has a good disposition. Having a horse or foal examined by a veterinarian before you purchase is an extremely good idea. Learn more about miniature horse and how to care for them Miniature Horses

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