Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Birds Site Map

Receive the Birds Newsletter free. Your private information is safe. No one will give or sell your email address, heck we never see it :) Learn when new content is uploaded and a lot of other great information you will only see in the newsletter. Behavior - Here you will find articles about training birds. In addition, why they act the way they do. What can you do to stop unwanted behavior. Over time you will find a great deal of great information to help you with your pet bird. Bird Care - How to care for individual species of birds from the macaw to the finch. You will learn what to look for in a bird when you go to buy one or acquire one. There are adoptable birds out there! Introduction to many species of birds. The complete care for many species of birds. Soon, you will see, hopefully every single possible bird found as a pet listed here. I am also the Exotic Pets editor there is close to 300 articles I have written and I have every intention of making this site just as informational. Bird Heath - Everything to do with a bird's health from emergency bird first aid to wing clips. Paying extra attention to a bird's health is very important. For their own survival, they hide their illness so that they don't appear weak to predators. When in doubt go to an Avian Veterinarian! General Information - I expect you will find some very interesting articles here. Some articles you may agree with others you won't. I would love to learn your perspective. That is one of the many reasons we provide a great forum. Link at bottom of page. Birds Forum If you would like to share your bird experiences and stories or make your own opinion known please use the Birds Forum. We have some wonderful discussions. There is also some very original bird content provided from some very knowledgeable people. Find this and a LOT more Birds Site Map!

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