Saturday, April 21, 2012

View the Beauty of Birth from a Safe Distance

One other thing we have found the Panasonic Network Camera useful, is watching an animal’s birthing process or after an injury recovery process. The images are clear it works great with cable broadband. A friend bought one and had a bit of a setup problem for internet viewing with DSL. This is one of Panasonic’s strong points is customer service. They had it figured out in no time. There has been no problem with setup on any of our computers. Between the camera, the computer, and router, everything has setup by its self. So far, every web browser we have tried has worked fine. My husband likes Foxfire and he had no problem at all setting the camera up. If you have any setup problem call Panasonic. Another feature I use and love is the eight shooting positions that can be set up in advance and you can use your cell phone or PDA to control the camera’s movements. The Panasonic Network Camera has changed our lives to the better. Plus, my friend that breeds parrots, is going to set up a camera during the hatching process and also let me watch him hand feed the bird. At that time, we can get the images up on Exotic Pets BellaOnline’s, so that we can all enjoy the miracle. Read the full review! Safety and Miracles - Panasonic Network Camera

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