Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Small Spotted Genet - Common Genet as Pets

The Small Spotted Genet or the Common Genet is a popular exotic pet. They have many characteristics with the common house cat or the civet. They sport a spotted body and a ringed tail. They are agile, great climbers, highly intelligent, and curious. They are able to stand on their two front legs… Learn about one of the most agile and clever animals on earth.

Small Spotted Genet - Common Genet as Pets

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween – Exotic Pets Not Invited

Many dangers, even hidden dangers, come along with the territory of Halloween, Halloween parties, Halloween costumes, and the whole Halloween experience. Nibbling on electrical wires could bring on a horrible holiday disaster. There are candles that can burn curious noses, paws, burn a tail or candles knocked over by a tail. An exotic pet could start a horrific fire that could kill. There are strings that can strangulate or materials that are flammable, poisonous substances, cool glittery things that could cause an animal to choke, cause intestinal blockages, or a material that could be toxic. Noises can scare your pet into fright and flight. Unless it is a small family get- to- gather Exotic Pets not invited! Read the article Halloween – Exotic Pets Not Invited

Friday, October 14, 2011

FERRETS: A COMPLETE GUIDE - On Sale for the Holidays!

FERRETS: A COMPLETE GUIDE On sale for the holidays - price dropped from $3.99 to only 2.50! Jammed pack full of useful information to help you properly care for a pet ferret. A lots of pets, especially exotic pets are given as gifts. Don't forget to give the much needed information to care for the pet too!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

China – Dye your Pet to Look like a Wild Animal

Dye your animal to look like wild animals. The latest craze or fad in China is to dye your dog to look like a Panda bear, a tiger, or a peacock. Is having a rendition of an exotic pet merit the animal’s discomfort and diminishing their dignity? Check out the dyed animal pictures.

Read the article, also pictures!

China – Dye your Pet to Look like a Wild Animal

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Exotic Pets - What are they?

Exactly what is an exotic pet? In my opinion it is a pet that is not a dog or cat; though some dogs and cats are exotic pets. So that leaves a wide range of animals that can be exotic pets. Some say birds are not exotic pets but I consider the beautiful Hyacinth Macaw an exotic pet. How about fish, are they an exotic pet?

So what is an exotic pet? Some use the terms non-traditional or unusual. The Department of Wildlife often uses the term wild even for the ferret that has been a domesticated pet for thousands of years. I honestly don’t consider the ferret an exotic pet; it is the third most popular pet next to the dog and cat. However, I love the ferret and it does fall under my category at BellaOnline as an exotic pet.

Exotic Pets - What are they?