Saturday, August 27, 2011

Exotic Pets Found in Dumpsters Still in Cages

A hedgehog found in a dumpster; cage and all. A rabbit tied to a tree, the skin had grown over its collar. How many thousands of innocents must suffer? Animals left starving, no food, no water, still stuck in their cages; abandoned when their people moved out. What would you do to stop it? You talk the talk, will you walk the walk?

I think about the song, the Eyes of an Angel when I think of Beth Randall. All the innocents that have been neglected, abused, and abandoned; the innocents Beth has saved. These animals would have suffered and died. Instead they found sanctuary with Beth. Read the full article.

Exotic Pets Found in Dumpsters Still in Cages

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ferrets: A Complete Guide - My 1St. EBook

Ferrets: A Complete Guide is the first EBook I have written, and is for novice ferret owners, experienced ferret owners, and people that are considering a ferret for the first time. Great as a reference guide or a standalone care book for ferrets. Having read almost every ferret book, I know what is missing! Ferrets: A Complete Guide

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hermit Crabs - For Sale

If you see hermit crabs for sale or other exotic pets for sale at a local county fair or state fair make sure you are prepared to bring these delicate animals home. Do you know how to care for a hermit crab? Read the articles on caring for pet Hermit crabs! Hermit Crabs For Sale

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ferrets, Skunks, Raccoons and Bears – My Interests

From exotic pets to wildlife rehabilitation. What life experiences makes us the people we are today?

My interest in exotic pets began to include wildlife rehabilitation when I moved to Northern Minnesota. The first full day in my new home a Bald Eagle flew over my home and landed in a White Pine tree right next to the house. I saw it as a premonition.

Our first walk in the woods, miles from other humans, my children and I caught sight of a bear and her cubs.

This article will begin to share a vast array of experiences in my lifetime with exotic pets and wild animals. This will not be the complete story by a long shot but I thought it would be enjoyable occasionally to share some of the highlights of my life. Read the article at

Ferrets, Skunks, Raccoons and Bears – My Interests