Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Expand our animal shelter for MO & KS homeless pet birds & parrots - Pepsi Refresh Project : reddit.com

Have you ever known that you need to do something, but just can't get organized to do it? Last month our avian vet's bird rescue, Burge Bird Rescue, competed in a contest to win money to expand her bird rescue service. I am sad to say that I couldn't get it together to vote. She lost by a few votes. This made me see that I needed to be more organized this month, so that I could help. I am asking you to help, too! Here is some background and the information on how to help.

Our avian vet, Dr. Julie Burge, has a bird rescue that is terribly underfunded. It mainly runs on love, a donation jar at the counter, and money from bird related items that she sells on E-Bay. We save our feathers for her. She packages them and sells them to hobbyists on E-Bay. Right now, she is involved in a Pepsi challenge to win $25,000 to expand the Burge Bird Rescue.

This woman is a wonderful doctor. In addition to traditional office calls, she provides emergency services, and in-home services. During disasters, she is called on to leave her practice in the capable hands of her bird nurse, and go to help. She helped in the Katrina disaster and most recently after the tornado in Joplin, Mo. Her passion is her bird rescue.

We adopted one of our beloved birds through her bird rescue. Bella Pickles was a little biter lovebird that nobody wanted. Dr. Julie gave her a chance. She rescues birds that people give up, through death, adverse economic situations, or that they no longer want. Dr. Julie finds them “forever homes.” Birds are given medical care and kept until they have homes.

I would love to help her Burge Bird Rescue win this money. I'm voting every day, but I think that I can do more! I can ask you to help.

If you want to help improve facilities for this deserving bird rescue, please use this link to vote in this Pepsi challenge. You may vote once a day. There is no money involved to vote. Pepsi rules state that only votes from inside the United States will be counted.

Expand our animal shelter for MO & KS homeless pet birds & parrots - Pepsi Refresh Project : reddit.com

You may also text a vote in. Send the text to PEPSI (73774) This is the text message-107464.

Thanks for your time; I'll let you know how it comes out!


If you want to learn more about the Burge Bird Rescue, use this link: Burge Bird Rescue

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