Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wolf - Loki's Story - Wolf Care

Wolf – Loki’s Story the highly popular series, written by guest author John Mattson, continues with the general care of the pet wolf. He covers the importance of social structure when training a wolf. The necessities of understanding the concept of wolf pack, and how to care for the wolf as a pet.

Back to to wolves in general. They are not like dog; they have a very well organized pack / social structure. And will only feel comfortable if you can provide that. That means, you have to really work at setting up the rules. I.E. obedience training, social structure in the home, try and get them used to routines. These routines must include lots of time together; grooming, playing, feeding, and even just being with you, if you are just reading or watching TV. They HAVE to have a well ordered social structure. At first Loki was nervous of her shadow, unless she was actually touching me or me touching her. This was because she trusted me. But we had not developed our social structure that high yet.

The article continues with part three. Parts one and two are linked to part three. One more to go next week. Read the entire article on the pet wolf. Read the rest of the article!

Wolf - Loki's Story - Wolf Care

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