Sunday, May 8, 2011

Filtered Water - Tap Water - Bottled Water

Filter water verses tap water, tap water verses filtered water, bottled water verses filtered water, or bottled water verses tap water. I have received many emails asking me why I always recommend filtered water rather than bottled water. What could be wrong with bottled water – a lot could be wrong with bottled water! We don’t want our pets or exotic pets to drink tap water or bottled water!

A friend of mine owns a store in California. Mostly it is a fruit/vegetable stand, a huge fruit/vegetable stand. He also carries dried fruit, nuts, and a combination of herbs, spices, and so forth. He is on a busy corner of two major highways. This store is located in San Joaquin valley and it gets very hot. He thought it would be a good idea to carry bottled water.

He attended a symposium by a major distributor of bottled water that is owned by one of the huge cola product companies. Come to find out, bottled water is nothing more than tap water, whatever is available at the plant where bottled water is filled. He opted not to sell bottled water. Learn the facts about bottled water Filtered Water - Tap Water - Bottled Water

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