Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pygmy Marmosets - Pet Pygmy Marmosets

The smallest primate in the world weighing approximately 4.20 oz (119 g) is the Pygmy marmoset (Callithrix pygmaea). There is 16 ounces (0.453592 kg) in a pound so hold one stick of butter, you will realize how small, and light they are. The ultimate exotic pet? You decide.

Now stick your thumb up, a newborn is the size of your thumb! I guess we can see where the term finger monkey or thumb monkey came from. They are also known as a dwarf monkey or a pocket monkey. My article on the finger monkey Finger Monkey Pygmy Marmoset

They are sold as pets, they aren’t legal in many areas, and they are very expensive. Pygmy marmosets monkey for sale is not an advertisement you will find often. You will find potential pygmy marmosets for sale at bottom of this article, and since he also mentioned something about the marmoset baby being born there; a potential pygmy marmoset breeder. Read the rest of the article Pygmy Marmosets - Pet Pygmy Marmosets

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