Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chausie Cats

Chausie cats are intelligent, sweet, loyal, and energetic. Often I hear the term doglike (personality) for descriptive phrases. Most enjoy the water. For the right home and human family this domestic cat makes a perfectly charming pet.

Though it is a misnomer the term designer cat has been coined for nondomestic hybrid source breeds, such as the Chausie, Bengal, and Savannah.

The domestic Chausie Cat origins were from breeding a nondomestic species, the Jungle cat (Felis chaus) with a domestic house cat (Abyssinian cat). So, a hybrid was the beginning of the Chausie but the Chausie born from the hybrid offspring are no longer a hybrid but a true domestic cat.

The nondomestic ancestor, Jungle Cats, were in Egyptian homes over three thousand years ago and were thought to have been one of the beginnings of most domestic housecats we find today. One other cat found in the ancient Egyptian homes was the Felis lybica the African Wildcat. Evidence of remains of the African Wildcat determined they were found in Middle Eastern homes as long as 10,000 years ago. So, obviously all domestic cats had wild ancestors; we just didn’t have a domestic cat appear magically from the use of a whispered enchantment in an ancient language. Read the rest of the article on Chausie Cats

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