Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brink of Extinction the Tiger

Weekend Tiger Summit NOT Good News!
By the time the next Chinese calendar year of the tiger rolls around, the tiger could very well be extinct. The latest reports indicate there is now less than 3,200 tigers left in the wild. This does not include the numbers of tigers in captivity.

At a "Tiger Summit" on November 19, in St. Petersburg, Russia Director General of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) James Leape reported, that if protective measures weren’t taken, the tiger could very well face extinction in the year 2022. The Summit was hosted by Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of Russia.

Part of the plan is providing incentives and education for communities to protect the tiger from smuggling, poaching, as well as the illegal traffic trade for tigers and tiger parts. Tiger parts are used in Chinese traditional medicine. The tiger's pelt is considered a trophy. The tiger’s environment also needs to be protected; habitat loss is another major reason for the tiger's demise. Forests are cut for construction and farmlands, grasslands are leveled for construction affecting not just tigers but also many other species of animal and plant life. It will also be necessary to protect the animals that are the tiger’s food source, if the program is going to be effective.

Even though some conservation measures had been taken there still has been a drastic decrease of the existing tiger population in just the last ten years. Many of the attempts at conservation have been in unprotected areas. Even on protect preserves the poaching of tiger’s continued as did the decimation of the tiger’s prey. Read more Brink of Extinction the Tiger

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


By Brigitte Cowell, Ph.D., Kirembo Savannahs, Rescue Coordinator for Savannah Rescue.

I’ve been a cat breeder for a few years now. I breed Savannah cats, an exciting new domestic breed of cat accepted by the International Cat Association (TICA) and one of their fastest growing new breeds. Not only do I spend my days promoting this highly exciting new cat breed, but I also head up the breed Rescue for Savannah cats along with my colleague Kristine Alessio.

Big Cat Rescue is responsible for a great deal of misinformation about domestic hybrid cat breeds such as Bengals, Chausies and Savannahs. As I deal mainly with Savannahs, although I have fostered Chausies and Bengals in the past, most of my comments below are taken from my experience with that particular domestic cat breed.

Big Cat Rescue is wrong about many things, the error they are making that I currently object to is that they are labeling the Savannah as an “exotic”; so right in the same grouping as lions and tigers is a domestic cat breed recognized by the largest registry of DOMESTIC cats, (TICA, the International Cat Association). According to BCR, you should put a domestic Savannah cat in a cage instead of your home. Read more, much more!!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hybrid Cats Designer Cats

Hybrid cats, also known as designer cats, are not an exotic cat such as their shirttail cousins the lion or tiger, anymore than any other domestic house cat. Most are recognized by the TICA, the (International Cat Association). A domestic house cat certainly doesn’t belong in a cage and neither does a domestic hybrid.

As with any pet be sure to research state and local laws, even your homeowners association could affect your decision to own a hybrid cat, for that matter a dog or ferret. Here is an excellent source to get on the right track checking laws. Hybrid Laws

There are several hybrid cat species these four are some of the more popular.

Savannah cat – the Savannah is a hybrid cross between domestic cat and African Serval (Leptailurus serval)

Bengal cat - the Bengal is a hybrid cross between domestic cat and an Asian Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis)

Chausie cat – the Chausie is a hybrid cross between a domestic cat and a Jungle Cat (Felis chaus)

Safari cat – the Safari is a hybrid cross between a domestic cat and the South American Geoffroy's cat (Leopardus geoffroyi).

Each cat hybrid species is distinctive, however, on an average, carry many of the same personality traits, intelligent, inquisitive, good natured, affectionate, and loyal; in fact many describe these hybrids as much dog-like as cat-like. Each cat will have unique personalities of his or her own. Read more Hybrid Cats Designer Cats

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exotic Pets Wild Animals and Besotted Fools

While this article was suppose to be the lead-in or precursor to the designer cats or the hybrid cats article, though I believe it still is in a way. There are a few things I need to bring out or to get off my chest as the saying goes. I have already had a double mastectomy I might as well endure another. I suspect to see a few sharp scalpels thrown my way.

I am often told that wild animals don't belong with humans. I disagree. I firmly believe we learn humanity through animals.

If wild animals didn't belong with humans we would never have known the love of a domestic dog, cat, or exotic pet.

Wild animals, exotic pets, or pets, was there ever a pet that hadn’t been a wild animal, no not ever. Our maker did not create domestic pets for our convenience. Every pet we have today came from a lineage of wild animals. Yes each and every one of our pets has the roots of a wild animal. Read more Exotic Pets Wild Animals and Besotted Fools

Monday, November 1, 2010